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Offering a wide range of superior grade EMC testing equipment including Tripods, LISN, Mast, CDNs, Antennas and various other products since 1989...

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Today, society is heavily reliant on electronic devices. The convenience provided by them has made life easier is many ways. EMC testing of electronic equipment is vital to ensure their smooth functioning as well as determine the effects they have on other devices and the environment. We, Com-Power Corporation, have been manufacturing a wide range of testing equipment that provide accurate measurements and help meet regulatory requirements. We are a leading Manufacturer and Exporter of a wide range of EMC Test Equipment and EMC Test Instruments including but not limited to Near Field Probes, Absorbing Clamps, Power Amplifiers, Surge Generators, Telecom Test System and Immunity Systems. In order to keep providing our customers with the very best, we have set up a research laboratory that is tasked with product evolution and process optimization.
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The effects of interference were not fully realized up until the 1940 when the electronic equipment used on naval ships witnessed an increase.
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Each and every piece of electronic equipment produces noise which can lead to electromagnetic interference in other equipment as well as in circuits within it.
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The problems regarding electromagnetic emissions began with the use of electronic products.
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